Venturi Tubes

The range of classical type Venturi Tubes we are offering have been in use since 1973 in a number of refineries, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, power plants, steel plants and other process plants.  MPP-USA manufactures a wide range of venturi tubes, for various applications and design as per ASME MFC-3M, ASME 19.5, ISO 5167 / BS1042, R. W. Miller, L. K. Spink, Shell Engineering Handbook etc. The Venturi tube up to 200mm NB (8") are supplied in a fully machine condition. (Higher sizes of fully machined Venturi also available).


MPP-USA designs and manufactures low head loss venturi flow tubes in flanged end connections per our clients specifications.

MVEN10 is a fully machine Venturi used for line sizes 200mm (8”) and below.

MVEN20 is a classical venturi with rought welded sheet iron convergent sections and a machined throat.

MVEN30 is a classical venturi made of fully machiend and welded sections.

MVEN40 is a classical fabricated venturi with rough welded sheet iron convergent sections with a machined throat and flanged ends.

MVEN50 is a classical venturi with a classical venturi tubes with a steam jacketing system, which provides protective heating that prevents soldification or condensation of gases.

MVEN60 is a classic inserted ventuir type.  The insert including the throat, inlet, and outlet cones are manufactured to MPP-USA's high tolerance then inserted in the pipe and seal welded.

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