MPP-USA manufactures a full line of bar stock thermowells. All of MPP-USA's thermowells are precision drilled and are checked for concentricity to provide uniform wall thickness and heat transfer. MPP-USA's thermowells are highly polished on the outer surfaces, which provides a longer service life. MPP-USA's thermowell design also takes into consideration vibrational effects to ensure the wake frequency will not equal resonance frequency of the well. MPP-USA's thermowells can be supplied hydrotested and radiographed upon request. MPP-USA's thermowells available in screwed, flanged and welded type design and can be constructed of mild steel. stainless steel, alloy steel, monel, hastelloy, brass, duplex, super duplex, or any other material necessary to meet your specifications.

A thermowell is a pressure-tight cylinder designed to protect temperature measurement insturmentation from harsh process environments by extending a fitting into the process flow (stream, gas, or liquid). Since thermowells are exposed to some of the most corrosive environments, the design and manufacture of these devices is application specific. During the design stages, factors such as the corrosive agents and temperatures the themowell will be exposed to as well as the mechanical stresses anticipated are taken into account.  From these factors, MPP-USA can assist its clients to select the proper materials and end connections.

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