M5VM2E20 Series Valve Manifolds


M5VM2E20 series Valve Manifolds


The “2E” series of Manifolds have two equalizing valves, two block (Shut Off) valves and one vent valve. These 5 Valve Manifolds are being used in place of older type of “piped-up” 5 Valve Manifolds for field meters and D.P. transmitters. These Manifolds are rugged in construction to withstand high pressures and temperatures. These Valve Manifolds are rated for pressures as high as 6000 PSI at 200 deg F. or 4000 PSI at 500 deg F. with PTFE packing. For higher temperatures GRAFOIL Gaskets are used.


M5VM2E20 series Valve Manifolds consists of two block valves, two equalizing valves and one common vent valve for purging for both high and low pressure sides by manipulating one equalising valve at a time. This type of Manifold prevents an error due to leakage between high and low pressure connections as two equalizing valves have been provided. The inlet and outlet connections are ½” NPT female. Vent and calibration ports are ¼” NPT female.

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