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Micro Precision Products MPGV 10 Series Gauge Valve

MPGV 10 Series Gauge Valves


Micro Precision Products MPGV 10 Series Gauge Valves are designed to be durable and safe.  Micro Precision Product offers the MPGV 10 Series in both soft and hard seat models.  All MPGV 10 Series valves come with a 1/4" drain plug that allows for safe and quick instrument depressurization.


Standard Features of all MPGV 10 Series Valves:

All valves are 100% hydraulic tested at 1.5 times rated pressure.
Bust Pressuring Testing:
Tests are conducted to four (4) times the rated pressure.
Nitrogen Testing:
All valves are 100% tested with nitrogen at 1500 psi (minimum) for both shell and seat.
Bottom Seating:
Body-bonnet assembly is thru metal to metal sealing without wahser, thus avoiding additonal leakage points.  This also prevents body/bonnet threads from coming in contact with the process.
Back Seating:
Designed into the bonnet for for safety to prevent stem blow out and accidental removal and provides metal to metal sealing at full open position.
Locking pin:
Designed to lock the bonnet assembly to prevent accidental removal or lossening over a period of time.
Adjustable packing:
The packing can be adjusted by slightly tightening the packing nut.  This provides for long valve life and also enables reduced downtime in packing replacement.
Dust Covers:
Prevent dirt and environmental fluids from entering the bonnet assembly.
End Connections:
NPT and Socket Weld are standard.
Other connections, e.g. BSPT, BSP, Bevel Weld, etc., are available on request.
Non rotary / self aligning plug:


Order Information can be found here: Micro Precision Products Needle Valve Ordering Information.


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