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Since 1968, Micro Precision Products Needle Valves have been used by refineries, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, power plants, steel plants and other process plants through out the world. Micro Precision Products's Needle Valves are designed for multiple applications where throttling or shutoff is required.  Micro Precision Products offers a complete range of needle valves that are rugged in construction designed withstand high pressures and temperatures.  All of MicroP's Valves are designed to be safe, repetive and bubble tight for long and trouble free life.

Micro Precisions Products's MBP Series Bleed Plugs provide an economical and safe means to bleed process pressures trapped in instrumention equiment before removing for repair or calibration .

Micro Precisions Products's MPGV 10 Series Gauge Valves are designed to durable and safe.


Micro Precisions Products's MPGV 20 Series Gauge Valves are designed for direct instrument mounting in any position. 

Micro Precisions Products's MPGV 30 Series Gauge Valves are designed for reducing leak points while installing and servicing transmitters, gauges and switches.

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