Flow Nozzles

MPP-USA's wide range of Flow Nozzle Assemblies have been in use since 1971 in a number of power projects and captive power plants for refineries, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, steel plants and other process industries. The MPP-USA flow nozzles are manufactured in a variety of designs and standards as per ASME MFC-3M, ASME 19.5, ASME-PTC6, ISO 5167/BS1042, R.W. Miller, L. K. Spink etc.

Instrument Valves


Bleed Plugs

MPGV10 Series
Gauge Valves

MPGV20 Series
Gauge Valves

MPGV30 Series
Gauge Valves

Since 1968, Micro Precision Products Needle Valves have been used by refineries, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, power plants, steel plants and other process plants through out the world. Micro Precision Products's Needle Valves are designed for multiple applications where throttling or shutoff is required.  Micro Precision Products offers a complete range of needle valves that are rugged in construction designed withstand high pressures and temperatures.  All of MicroP's Valves are designed to be safe, repetive and bubble tight for long and trouble free life.

Manifold Valves

1E Series Manifold Valve

2E Series Manifold Valve


MPP-USA's manifold valves provide a convenient solution for the mounting of gauge and absolute pressure transmitters and pressure switches.  MPP-USA offers manifold valves in direct mount and remote mount configurations.

MPP-USA's 2-valve, 3-valve, and 5-valve manifolds are high performance needle valves designed to operate at pressures up to 10,000 psig with stanadrd PRFE gland packing.  The stem packing is located below the stem threads to ensure no contact between system process and threads.  The gland nut is tightened and secured into posuition by a lock nut.  The stem housing is mounted into the manifold or valve body and locked into place to prevent accidental lossening of the stem housing.



MPP-USA manufactures a full line of bar stock thermowells. All of MPP-USA's thermowells are precision drilled and are checked for concentricity to provide uniform wall thickness and heat transfer. MPP-USA's thermowells are highly polished on the outer surfaces, which provides a longer service life. MPP-USA's thermowell design also takes into consideration vibrational effects to ensure the wake frequency will not equal resonance frequency of the well. MPP-USA's thermowells can be supplied hydrotested and radiographed upon request. MPP-USA's thermowells available in screwed, flanged and welded type design and can be constructed of mild steel. stainless steel, alloy steel, monel, hastelloy, brass, duplex, super duplex, or any other material necessary to meet your specifications.

Venturi Tubes

The range of classical type Venturi Tubes we are offering have been in use since 1973 in a number of refineries, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, power plants, steel plants and other process plants.  MPP-USA manufactures a wide range of venturi tubes, for various applications and design as per ASME MFC-3M, ASME 19.5, ISO 5167 / BS1042, R. W. Miller, L. K. Spink, Shell Engineering Handbook etc. The Venturi tube up to 200mm NB (8") are supplied in a fully machine condition. (Higher sizes of fully machined Venturi also available).

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