MVEN60 is a classic inserted ventuir type.  The insert including the throat, inlet, and outlet cones are manufactured to MPP-USA's high tolerance then inserted in the pipe and seal welded.

MVEN50 is a classical venturi with a classical venturi tubes with a steam jacketing system, which provides protective heating that prevents soldification or condensation of gases.

MVEN40 is a classical fabricated venturi with rough welded sheet iron convergent sections with a machined throat and flanged ends.

MVEN30 is a classical venturi made of fully machiend and welded sections.

MVEN20 is a classical venturi with rought welded sheet iron convergent sections and a machined throat.

MVEN10 is a fully machine Venturi used for line sizes 200mm (8”) and below.


MPP-USA designs and manufactures low head loss venturi flow tubes in flanged end connections per our clients specifications.

A thermowell is a pressure-tight cylinder designed to protect temperature measurement insturmentation from harsh process environments by extending a fitting into the process flow (stream, gas, or liquid). Since thermowells are exposed to some of the most corrosive environments, the design and manufacture of these devices is application specific. During the design stages, factors such as the corrosive agents and temperatures the themowell will be exposed to as well as the mechanical stresses anticipated are taken into account.  From these factors, MPP-USA can assist its clients to select the proper materials and end connections.

Micro Precisions Products's MBP Series Bleed Plugs provide an economical and safe means to bleed process pressures trapped in instrumention equiment before removing for repair or calibration .

Micro Precisions Products's MPGV 30 Series Gauge Valves are designed for reducing leak points while installing and servicing transmitters, gauges and switches.

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